We have lots of packages available for all standards of surfers.
DiamondLFG, pre30LFG, smurfLFG, voice Communication: CurseVoice, skype, teamSpeak, other Chatrooms: PartyIPWeekend 4xIPWeekend.Please dont turn this into a giant thread of how the ultimate lobby should work given infinite time and resources, we can have that discussion later when time and resources are infinite.Here is the current design, let me know if you think its okay.Weekend Surf Lesson packages include: 119pps for 3 nights in shared dorm rooms, 2 surf lessons BBQ 149pps for 3 nights in private room (based on 2 people sharing, 179 for single occupancy) 2 lessons equipment.You will have to pick one.I dont know what Ill do if you let it sit on that screen, probably time you out and kick you after a reasonable period, or auto-join you to the default room.Im going to do the simplest thing possible at first, and hope it gets us through the surge.It cant be changed, and wont disappear even if nobody is.Late last year, Microsoft rolled out backward compatibility support for the Xbox One which allows for the playback of select Xbox 360 titles on the latest console.Im sure thats a total android cam chat-app game designer fantasy, and theyre going to end up being things like Your Grandmas Bedroom Closet, sadly.joinroom will complete with the room name, or you can back out to the room selection screen.If people are jerks Ill have to add a way to report naughtiness.Im hoping people make rooms with descriptive names, like, Newbs Get Mentoring Here and Players with Less than 20 Wins, and the like.Larry "Major Nelson" Hryb, Microsoft's director of programming for Xbox Live, shared the news in a recent blog post.Hot August days coming up so we thought we would haggle some last minute beds in the surf lodge gratis chat embed and bring a gang up for some well deserved fun!To join us: We will need 2 things!In preparation for opening the beta, Im about to do chat rooms in the lobby.Weekend Rental packages include: 99pps for 3 nights in shared dorm rooms, 2 days surf rental Free Breakfasts and BBQ Sat Night 119pps for 3 nights in private room (based on 2-3 people sharing, 159 for single occupancy 2 days surf rental *30 for return.
Room names cannot be changed once created.
There is going to be no limit on the number of people in a room at the start.

Come join us and meet new friends, learn to surf and splash around in the warm summer waves!