The End User has sole and exclusive responsibility for all the information that the End User enters, processes, shares with others (via Facebook, Twitter, email, text or in any other way) or otherwise handles using united influencers.
The End User can do this by changing the settings on their communication device so that the End User no longer allows the use of cookies.
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If the End User uses a tablet, the End User can usually do this by changing the settings in the operating system and if the End User is using a smartphone, the End User can usually do this by changing the settings in the smartphones.Disputes concerning the End User License Agreement shall be resolved at a general court, with Malmö District Court as the court of first instance.Liability OF united influencers international AB united influencers international AB strives to keep united influencers error-free and available to the End User through united influencers having access to mobile and fixed networks.In addition, united influencers international AB and its partners will use the End Users personal information for the marketing of campaigns, offers and new products or services offered within the scope of united influencers by united influencers international AB or partners of united influencers international.By using united influencers or by having their communication device set to accept cookies, the End User consents to united influencers international ABs use of cookies in united influencers as described above.Disse tre kunstnerne ble valgt hummel merker dating finland datingside gratis Disse artistene skal underholde under SommerFillan beste datingtjenester i minneapolis Rettighetshaverne varsler omfattende endringer: online dating tips langdistanse forhold "Maren" tar pause i 2019.Alt innhold er opphavsrettslig beskyttet 2018 Hitra Frøya.The End User License Agreement may be terminated by the End User at any time by removing the consumer account at m or uninstalling the united influencers app.Nevertheless, the End User is not permitted to share ekte sex historier xxx in a systematic way content that the End User obtains via united influencers in such a way that the distribution through other channels in practice entails the copying of significant elements of the content provided.United influencers international AB is entitled to transfer the End User License Agreement to a wholly owned subsidiary of united influencers international.As a legal basis for treatment, we will refer to the performance of a contract, compliance with a legal obligation, legitimate interest or consent.The End User further undertakes to respect copyright material and trademarks (including but not limited to the names united influencers international AB and united influencers) belonging to united influencers international AB or its partners and which the End User obtains via united influencers and not.United influencers international AB accepts no responsibility for the information or offers that such partners make available via united influencers; the partner in question has sole responsibility to the End User for such information or such offers.Under no circumstances is the End User permitted to edit, change or add to the software forming part of united influencers other than as expressly stated in the End User License Agreement.The other type of cookie is more temporary (known as a session cookie) and is stored temporarily on the visitors communication device.The End User may connect its Facebook account to united influencers through the Facebook Connect button (Login with Facebook) either during the registration process or after the End User has logged in to united influencers.The End User can change the settings on their computer to block cookies by changing the settings in their web browser.USE OF united influencers BY THE END user.Some information may be retained longer when required due to other legal requirements.Where the End User provides incorrect, incomplete or outdated Registration Data, united influencers international AB shall be entitled to terminate the End User License Agreement with the End User with immediate effect and at the same time block or remove the End Users access.Agreement period AND termination OF THE END user license agreement This End User License Agreement comes into effect on the date on which the End User either creates a consumer account at m or downloads and creates an account through the united influencers app and.