Sure its wholly selfish in its motivation, but by forcing understanding it may force respect as well.
Over time as humanity changed and specialized, this awareness of others facebook-gruppe chat-programvare gratis nedlasting had to grow.
Certainly its something that comes up in discussions about the origins of and basis for morality, so that alone is enough to warrant research but as I found in the above discussion, THE Golden Rule is not a singular rule.Do for others so that they do for you.It can be seen as a flaunting of power and as such, fosters resentment.I started thinking that perhaps I should take some time to research the Golden Rule.Well now were back to the earlier need for knowledge of others only cyber mobbing online chat-rom this new variant doesnt teach that as a necessity.It doesnt say do for others what they would want fantasy rollespill chat done for them, it says, do for others what YOU would want done for YOU.The negative version is what we have knowledge of existing first, coming from Confucius, the Buddha, Zarathustra, Socrates and also appearing in Judaism.Yes, this version is still inherently selfish.For instance, I sympathize with the unity idea, but in practice Im probably more negative Golden Rule.They simply cant fathom our objections because they cant see why we dont want what they want since what they want, they believe, is good.Ah, how to defend against such a threat?Well in order for it to work, two things are needed the means to harm and the knowledge of how to harm, and the latter demands knowledge of those around you.Dont do to others what you wouldnt want done to you.The giver shows that he is power enough to give up some of what he has and the recipient of that generosity by accepting that help acknowledges that he is weaker, deficient and subordinate to the giver.So good christians, taking into account what others need, give out of the goodness of their hearts.So what better way to see where you fall than with a color wheel?The problem is all their trespasses, they believe, are for our sake, for our greater benefit.
Now Im sure those in desperation will be most appreciative and certainly I dont want to distract from successful charitable efforts of christians but theres unfortunately another problem that can grow from this and thats resentment.