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Searle's shift from machine understanding to consciousness and intentionality is not directly supported by the original 1980 argument.
We associate meanings with the words or signs in language.Pinker holds that the key issue is speed: The thought experiment slows down the waves to a range to which we humans no longer see them as light.5.2 Intentionality Intentionality is the property of being about something, having content.In his 2002 paper The Chinese Room from a Logical Point of View, Jack Copeland considers Searle's response to the Systems Reply and argues that a homunculus inside Searle's head might understand even though the room operator himself does not, just as modules in minds.However, advisors are not obligated to provide refunds.The selection forces that drive biological evolution select on the basis of behavior.A computing system is any system, human or otherwise, that can run a program.State changes in the system are physical.The human produces the appearance of understanding Chinese by following the symbol manipulating instructions, but does not thereby come to understand Chinese.This creates a biological problem, beyond the Other Minds problem noted by early critics of the CR argument.With regard to the question of whether one can get semantics from syntax, William Rapaport has for many years argued for syntactic semantics, a view erotisk chat linjer in which understanding is a special form of syntactic structure in which symbols (such as Chinese words) are linked.We attribute limited understanding of language to toddlers, dogs, and other animals, but it is not clear that we are ipso facto attributing unseen states of subjective consciousness what do we know of the hidden states of exotic creatures?This understanding mind might not be identical with the computer, the program, nor the system consisting of computer and program.Rey sketches a modest minda crtt system that has perception, can make deductive and inductive inferences, makes decisions on basis of goals and representations of how the world is, and can process natural language by converting to and from its native representations.