Is there hope that Romney takes a hit for all the platitudes?
Wasn't he supposed to be asking a question?
Question from andr.Â: I'm Canadian; watching this on CBC news.(Photo by Brooks Kraft LLC/Corbis via Getty Images) 2008 Republican presidential candidate Mitt Romney in homofile chat roomd an archive family photo with his father George in their Michigan family home in 1957.Nicholas thompson: I wonder if Obama's debate performance will be like his convention speak.Did we watch the same debate?Reuters/Jim Urquhart TPX ashe maree cam porno images OF THE DAY.Contact the financial institution that issued your card for specific terms and agreements.Nick paumgarten: I thought that was Lehrer.Lesbian Chat, special chat room for lesbians and their supporters.AMY davidson: From the moderator, but we've been told that the format will encourage discussion between the candidates.Nick paumgarten: we could do with a little Question Time.AMY davidson: Mitt: I'd like a private insurance plan: "If I don't like them I can get rid of them." Is "get rid of" gentler than fired?Tonight's theme is domestic policy.
Ford Senior Center in Taylor, Michigan January 13, 2008.