But a stewardess says in disbelief: Youre not even travelling together.
It was so obvious.
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Truthfully, its really hard not to get caught.Well, that and the giggling certainly didnt help, either.How did they pull it off?You could also be at risk of committing outraging public decency, but only if at least one other person saw the act.Honestly, I dont think we have anything that specifically addresses it in our manuals.They drew so much attention to themselves it was like they wanted to get caught.Youre essentially having sex in an airborne porta-potty; that plane lavatory may seem clean, but beneath the surface, its pretty damn filthy.The Sun 9, randy flyer in the red T-shirt is escorted to the front camgirl sjanse tegning of the plane to keep the two apart.The middle-aged parents appear to have seen the funny side of the situation, with the video showing both of them with big grins across their faces.Especially if they knew how many people completely miss when trying to go to the bathroom during turbulence!Leigh shares how couples have successfully done the dirty 30,000 feet in the air and the mistakes that led other randy passengers to get caught in the act.Fornication is frowned upon in the air if the seat belt sign is on, but ultimately its up to the discretion of the crew on board on how to deal with.If you want to give yourself the best chance at joining the mile high club, take a red-eye flight where most passengers are likely to be asleep!That said, the.The Sun 9, crew members are pictured after finding the man with his trousers down and a woman sitting on the toilet.Jenna Leigh is the author of the new book.One of the flight attendants said, We have to go in there.They probably could not care less about the mile high designation, theyre just in the moment.The Sun 9, virgin Atlantic stewardesses were not amused at the goings-on.Officers boarded and marched the Mile High Club woman off with her bags.
Where are the flight attendants?
At that point, we pretty much knew what was going.

The other flight attendant and I both said, Hell, no! .
When the flight attendant opened the door, the passengers seemed nonchalant about what they were doing.
Crew opened the toilet door and found the man standing with his trousers down and the woman sitting on the seat.