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Chat-socket is a simple chat application includes chat client and chat server.
Server app: run or java -jar homechat.
Double-click to any online friend to chat.Server, the server needs to listen to an IP and a port number, other clients will connect to this address.Third, nothing with networking, but seeing how you never refer to Thread n or Thread input, other than to start it, you should remove the reference variable.Host on your own infrastructure or use ours.You need some way of continuously retrieving input from the Server's input stream, in which you can then handle the input.Other users will be shown in your friend list.Well, there are a ton of things you should realize: First, big problem, you're re-initializing your DataOutputStream each loop, which is gonna cause the stream server-side to close.Fill up these boxes and click.Thread thread new Thread(new Runnable public void run while(running) franklin 3542 på chat rom String input; while(input porno arabiske cam adUTF!Thread n is handling accepting connections, so with the loop, Thread n is fine.Other Useful Business Software, the SourceForge Speed Test asiatiske chat rommet measures Latency/Ping, Jitter, Download Speed, Upload Speed, Buffer Bloat, and Packet Loss.After actually reading your code and testing it, i have noticed that your structure seems a bit off.Public class User extends Thread /create a Thread for each connection to handle data seperately DataInputStream in; DataInputStream out; Socket socket; public User(Socket socket) /creates a stream for the socket that the user connected with cket socket; initStream public void initStream /inits streams after socket.This project is based on TCP socket, multithreading, Java serialization, and json.
Creating new threads (new User can cause a lot of overhead, so its best to handle connections using an ExecutorService, or some other type of threadpool service.
Thread input is handling input retrieved from clients.