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The bonus is computed on how many hours you franklin 3542 på chat rom leave any files on seed.
Inside this folder must be at least one other folder, named video_TS - (the video content of the DVD) - all DVDs have another empty folder: audio_TS - this folder is not used for Videos though but only for Music DVDs.Up to VTS_01_9.VOB for the first video title on the DVD and the corresponding next title files are named VTS_02_x.IFO/BUB/VOB for the second title.When logging into QTM (Quick Torrent Maker I am instructed to turn off a Cookie Management Program Cookies are required to upload using the Quick Torrent Maker.Not all of our members have the latest computer equipment and you are interested in sharing your DVD with as many members as possible.It does not make sens to seed a 1GB file on a 56k connection as it would take forever to spread the file!That is where new downloads go first.Members can see the torrent in the "Search" and "Browse" list, will download the torrent and your upload starts finally.Advanced asiatiske chat rommet Filters, upload Date: En/de tout temps, porno arabiske cam categories: Trending Searches In Germany.How many torrents should I seed at the same time?1 : the audio_TS folder is usually empty *2 : files may be missing due to the structure of the DVD So we ask you to rip this structure from a DVD, move (or directly rip) it in a folder named like the DVD itself.VOB * (describing the structure of the (different) titles on the DVD like Main feature, Bonus features,., the file video_TS.
For every hour you have a file (or multiple files) seeding you get.5 points for every hour.
Now open the.torrent file (the one you downloaded, not the one you created!) in your programme for torrents.