Compare what she currently wears to the sketches on her blog, like 207182 said it was like gaudy swankiss with some birthday motifs, but now it's like normie mall stuff mixed with tumblr/dollskill style with straight up cheap party decorations as accessories.
She is a girl who looks like she could have just walked out of a 90's slumber party.Adorning herself with pastel ribbons, confetti motifs, and ms chat-rom med norge yummy frosting perfume makes her smile everywhere she goes.I wonder how it looks in real life though, the yellow was bad enough that people made fun of it in person.207196, yeah this is what I've always wondered, is she just gonna call everything she wears party kei?Party kei has a kitschy, youthful vibe with lots of decorative jewels and accessories!She still keeps up with the eye confetti but even then I wouldn't look at her outfits and think 'this girl is going to a 90's slumber party' I think 'this girl looks like a neon tumblr crack whore' especially now that she seems too.207126, maybe I'm in the minority here but this looks like some cheap mcdonalds my little pony doll, unless that's what she was going for?It is a street style that is happy, unique, and colourful.In her blog post she writes: Party kei is the style for a girl who loves to celebrate every day life.It's better than the yellow though I'll give her that, and once it fades it'll probably look soft and pretty unless it bleeds?Shop Tarte Cosmeticsexclusive discounts!Find exclusive deals and discounted prices only.#squirt, undress my sis for 1000 tok single tip, squirt both 1500 tok chaturbating HD HD chaturbating HD HD HD HD smithaya 19 #lovense.
Cam, jansen and the Mystery.