Gajim Light and fast IM client for GNU/Linux and WindowsOTR support via plugin.
Audited ejabberd, gratis online sex chat-rom xMPP-tjener for GNU/Linux og macOS.Fedora Rask, stabil og kraftig GNU/Linux-distribusjon.Instead of letting other computers connec.EteSync Secure, journaled contacts/calendar cloud sync EtherCalc Regnearkstjener for flere bruker.Web Service Kontact Fri e-postklient med GPG-støtte.Web Service Mailpile Secure, private, user-friendly email client.GNUnet GNUnet is a fully free P2P network.Web Service Mozilla Thunderbird Fri e-postapplikasjon.Pass Simple password manager using gpg and ordinary chat-program i php som facebook gratis nedlasting unix directories.Experimental Silence A fork of TextSecure with SMS encryption.TV Remote for Sony "TV Remote for Sony" es una gran aplicación para controlar su Sony Smart TV on LAN).Samfunnsdrevet og distribuert sosialt nettverk.Mastodon Federated microblogging social network.Whonix VM-friendly OS based on Debian and Tor focused on anonymity, privacy and security.Privacy Badger Tracking blocker that tries to learn who is spying on you and then blocks these ads and invisible trackers.
Orfox A Tor browser for Android.