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Leavitt Barbara Serdynski Garden Review July B "Mel Leavitt, Ralph Johnson" Photograph July B "Hubert Fischer, Harry Randall" Photograph July "Adelaide Peterson, Flaminia Specht, Reverend Dudley,.Peckham Miniature Tall Bearded April Symposium Votes as an Index of Popularity "E.Callander Garden Reports Canada April In Western Ontario.Pollock Garden Burkett Photograph April Iris In Region 14 George.Peckham Obituary April B "Walker Ferguson, Ralph Johnson" Photograph April B Fifth Avenue Brown-Eyed Katie Photograph April B "Mollie Emms, Georgia Hinkle" Photograph April Flight Lines Peggy Burke Grey Robins April B Want a real work-out?Nate Rudolph Photograph October B Appleblossom Pink Photograph October B "Ann Chowning, Shrimp Creole, Bryce Leigh" Photograph Beardless Winners October B "Ruffled Velvet, Savoir Faire" Photograph October B "Sheik, Bionic Burst, Genetic Burst" Photograph Aril and Arilbred Winners October B "Gypsy Wings, Christmas Rubies" Photograph.Ruby Hill Affiliates Northern California Iris Society April Comments Mrs.Krelage International "Haarlem, Holland - Information from Bulletin Table of Contents (TOC January Sir Michael Foster and his Irises Sir Arthur Hort International "Newlands, England" January Iris Ricardi as a Parent.Ruthenica Species Iris October The Family Tree.July The Hamblen Garden "Dabagh, Peg" Garden Reports Varietal Comments July B "In Rees Garden, San Jose CA During Region 14 Convention" Shirley Montgomery Photograph "Roy.Raabe Disease/Pests April Bloom Sequence Carol McNamara Culture April Popularity Poll Norman.Edgar Hires Shows October "A Few Lovely Irises-Des Moines, IA, Duluth, MN, Great Barrington, MA, Lynchburg, VA, Omaha, NE, Providence, RI,.M L" Hybridizing Red Iris October Red Robins-Twelve With The Redbird "Judy,.Hansen Garden Reports Varietal Comments October B Albert.Otte Culture July Eileen Allison is New RVP for Region 11 Regional Reports July B Eileen Allison Photograph July Irises for Everyone.Francis International "varietal comments, Melbourne, Victoria" January The Effect of Quarantine 37 Mrs.Rogers Hybridizing June "Kotaka-Yen, Horikiri, Japan Preserved as a Famous Scene" George.Beach Obituary July Robins Mary Alice Hembree Robins July Flightlines Mary Alice Hembree Robins July The Growing Selection of Bearded Iris Seedlings "Muhlestein, Tell" Hybridizing July I Was Bitten By the Bug "Dennis, Paul H" Hybridizing July Youth Views "Beasley, Rosalie" Youth July B Chris.Bledsoe and Clarke Cosgrove Judges Training History January Research and the Work of the Scientific Committee Thomas.William G" Hybridizing Ancestry of Amoenas-Reported in AIS Bulletin 114 p 149 41 Area Chairmen "Carney, Robert S" gratis chat jenter 503 734 2831 Regional Reports RVP Aides April B "Galilee, Coronation Gold Garden Glory" Photograph April "In Memoriam: cLeod, Jr" "Gaylon.,.Nelson Design April Getting to Know the Aril Family "Flesh, David J" Species AB's All kinds of Crosses April My Hobby.

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Irene Otte Culture Common Mistakes Beginning Iris Growers Make July A Tropical Collection of Iris Stamps - Part II Harry.