diablo 2 chat rommet

Soundchaosdebug, make a weird mix of sounds from NPC's replicas.
Alias f /f list List your current friends.
(Ex : if i got 1) acc1 2)acc2 3)acc3 with /f p acc3 i will have 1) acc1 2) acc3 3) acc2 Alias voksen video chat rom f paccount_name /f demote account_name Move an account from friend list lower by 1 position.See above.) TAB: Cycles through the last 10 commands ctrl-M: Diablo II: Toggles music on t and the main menus.users: Displays all number of users, games and channels on the server.if i got 1) acc1 2) acc2 3)acc3 with /f d acc1 i will have 1) acc2 2) acc1 3) acc3 ) Alias : /f d account_name.Some only work for channel ops in private channels.squelch *account_name or player_name Ignore an account or an player in a game or in the chat channels.friends demote (accountname) (or /f d) Moves that friend down one slot (or to the inputted number) in your friends list.(Try using /join op your_account_name and call a friend to join.).soundchaosdebug : Plays a jumble of every sound in the game.When asked, Blizzard replied: ".(Default setting.) -act2: Characters are level 16 in act.The gem can also be found on Warcraft III's World Map Editor.Instead of friends promote" just f p" for instance.f: Shows help about these commands.
Alias : /f r account_name /f msg text Send text to all persons in your friend list.
I've just encountered the same problem, however its on all my characters and I have to restart my game for people to see my messages again, both in Channel chats and whispers.

Use /dnd with no text to disable.