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Vatican city All 34 of Chiles Roman Catholic bishops offered their resignations on Friday over a child sexual abuse scandal, and asked forgiveness for hard sex skjulte cam the pain they caused the victims, the pope, the people of God, and our country for the grave errors and omissions.
The media also reported that the alleged incident happened after students attended a Mass commemorating Pope Paul VIs 1968 encyclical Humanae Vitae on artificial birth control.
Bishops had been warned, he said, that they would no longer be able to hide behind secrecy and darkness, blaming victims and making them feel guilty.A senior source in Archbishops House in Dublin described these media reports as fabrications.However, the rector has declined to do so and Archbishop Martin has also refused to issue a similar statement.It clearly shows that they have understood the determination of the pope to deal in a decisive and clear way with abuse, not just sexual but also of power and conscience.However, sources in Rome close to the two men have insisted that the allegations are entirely false.They also claim that as there are so few seminarians in the Irish College, particularly from the Dublin Diocese, the men involved even though not named are easily identifiable.It is also claimed that both men were not dismissed from the college, as reported in the media, but left of their own accord.The report detailed widespread failings on the part of the church hierarchy, and led to this weeks three-day meeting of the bishops at the Vatican.Outrage over the scandal has shaken the church for years, but it was stirred anew in January when Pope Francis publicly defended Bishop Juan Barros Madrid, whom he appointed to the Diocese of Osorno in 2015.The fallout prompted the pope to assign two investigators, who took the testimony of 64 people and produced a damning 2,300-page report on clerical sexual abuses in Chile and attempts to conceal the activity.The pope said he was perplexed and ashamed.The focus will now be on the victims, as it should.
Bishop Barros was among those who offered to resign.