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Took a pic and filled out the colorado online chat-rom profile several times, but just kept getting a 'Failed to upload profile pic' error after several attempts, with good internet service.
The circle keeps spinning like its loading but it never stops.Just rude, you know?Tried it again with hopes of a good Selfie app.Fix your crappy format and also, think about letting a couple more paid features be ekte cam porno videoer free so at least, we know what we're getting for our money.Keep trying and hope you can fix the bugs!And one more thing: IT wont restore MY session!I was gratis sosial chat-rom looking for cool people to chat with but as soon as most of them heard I was a guy, they just disconnected.Also: Maybe the front page should be filtered by what your profile says youre looking for so like if youre looking for men at age #-# thatd be a nice feature for everyone but especially the lgbt since its so hard to scroll through all.Kidd_o, initially, it was - Frustrating to use.A Couple Issues bryancm015, the first week I had this app was pretty good but now every other day when I go to restore my session it doesnt restore.Mostly guys on there which is fine, I'm not looking for just girls.Seems like a utility that should be embedded in web site needing chat room features.Fixes itself like 48 hours later when everyone has deleted your chat room or whatever but then itll happen again in a day or two.I guess it just wasn't meant to be this time around.And why does it make you restore your session after 10 minutes sometimes and then other times after like 30 seconds?Super annoying especially when youre talking to someone and cant get back on the app.Made a lot of improvements in the last few months.Also, you can't send an invite after the chat is over because it says "you blocked this user" which I didn't and then 10 minutes later, that user will be back in my queue.Awful format that's not even original.