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Text Chat, Emoteicons, File Sharing Videos and Pictures videos and uploaded/posted pictures are automatically previewed in the gratis chat tilfeldig homofile chat.
Join private gratis erotisk chat rom rooms Admins can join private rooms without needing the passwords.This gives him the ability to min gratis cams 4 analyse what happened while he was away.The most important thing is to have.Secure Audio and Video Streams, all data, including audio and video, can streamed in a secure way using the SSL/rtmps or rtmpe encryption.AVChat now ships with 2 themes - a light one and a dark one - but you can also create your own.In addition, as an admin, you cand delete many rooms at once by selecting multiple rooms using shift or ctrlclick Smart Flood Prevention AVChat uses a smart algorithm to prevent a user from flooding the room with messages.Being able to write in a foreign language is one thing, but being able to speak fluently in it is another.AVChat users can zoom in and out of a webcam stream using their mouse wheel.A silenced user can not type or do anything else, he can only watch the text chat.As a user you can report webcams or members.Block Emails and Links AVChat can be configured to not show links or emails in the chat.AVChat can record all video streams.flv video files on the media server.Encrypt Everything In AVChat everything can be encrypted: rooms passwords, streams as they travel between users.Unlimited Group Video Chat, aVChat allows for group video chat with no limit on the ammount of simultaneous users.Snapchat jenter er en der du får mulighet til å vise deg selv frem, uten at andre får vite hvem du er!Detailed info about each user As an admin you can view a lot of detailed information about each user in the chat room: ip, flash player version, OS, connection protocol, who the user is looking.Chat users can send a link to their friends to join the chat, post on their own Facebook and Twitter time line, send invite messages to other Facebook users and embed the chat in their own blog or site.
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Silence users While logged in as an admin you will have the ability to silence an user.
Just one of the joys of being an admin.
Login Screen, when clicking the chat link in your website the login page will open up in a new mobile browser window allowing your website visitor to choose a username and gender.