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Vehicles are sold with titles and applicable sales documents.
YWE pontiac lemans convertible - Project Car - 3,900 , mDT pontiac GTO convertible - Project Car - 4,000 , jKT pontiac tempest GTO - Collision Damage - 4,000 .All listings are subject to prior sale.Some fifty years ago, what later became known as the Baby reddit trekning cam jenter rant Boomer generation was growing up while the American car industry was getting ready to start what was probably the best period for mass-produced performance automobiles in US history.Later transforming into a stand-alone model thanks to its major success, the GTO went on to became defined as "the original muscle car". Vehicles are sold with titles and corresponding sales documentation.Unlike other performance cars of the era, the Pontiac GTO actually brought power for the masses.1968 was also the last year when the "6.5 Litre" front fender emblem was to be present on a GTO since its 1964 launch.The mid-size car thus received a larger 389 cid (6.5 liters) V8, which was until then reserved for the full-size Pontiac Catalina and Bonneville.From the dozens of tire-shredding production hot rods that hit the American roads in the period, we've put together small(ish) story about the one which impressed us (and most likely others as well) the most.In a time when the Ferrari 250 GTO, with its Bizzarrini-designed 300 hp V12, was giving wet dreams to the majority of car enthusiasts in the world, a few Pontiac people decided to take everyone by storm.In the eyes of hardcore muscle car fans, although this wasn't exactly a true GTO, at least it was the last American-designed one, hence General Motors attempted a rejuvenation of the famous badge with the Australian Holden Monaro sold as a Pontiac between 20click here.Sadly, in the middle of that year, Genera Motors decided to put a ban on building any engine with more than one carburetor, so the Tri-Power option was dropped.This alternative means materialized in the special version of the Pontiac Tempest, dubbed Tempest GTO. Purchase vehicles in-person or buy online with delivery available to any location worldwide.